About Glams Makeup Studio | Coimbatore

About Glams

Glams Makeup Studio has carefully selected and fully-trained a team of talented Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists. At Glams Makeup Studio we make it easy for our clients. It’s a one stop shop for all your beauty needs! Glams Makeup Studio is one of the best Makeup & Hair companies in the Coimbatore.

During the end of the eighties a basis was laid for the professional make-up of Glams Makeup Studio at Coimbatore in South India. A small of team of make-up specialists started the development of professional make-up products in the specialized shop for make-up artists.

At the office in Ganapathy Nagar in the Coimbatore, a team of professional and motivated employees work with passion on the success of Glams Makeup Studio for today and tomorrow. By holding on to what is good, listening to the wishes and needs of the professional make-up artists and further innovation, Make-up Studio succeeds in creating the trend and where necessary to follow.

Glams Makeup Studio offers for the demanding professional an elaborate assortment of high quality product in an infinite color palette with multipurpose use in it.

Glams Makeup Studio is about exploring, discovering and creating. We love to share our professional knowledge of different makeup techniques, as well as tips & tricks that make a real difference. After all, we want you to experience and embrace the art of makeup and showcase your unique personality.”